The Last Day of Unforgettable Years

        Goodbye tears, long hugs that feels so longing and warm, friends wishing each others good lucks for their next studies, lovers that trying to reassure their partings were temporary, filled the last day of my high school life. The memory of the last day of school vividly played in my mind as I was reminiscing on an old graduation picture. That day was indeed memorable, sad, yet happy as we tried to make the best of those irreplaceable memories.

         I could still remember the first year of high school, everybody were so competitive. Being in the honor class, everybody was quite selfish and egocentric. We competed to be the best in every subject, in every test, in every homework. Friendship were build on the terms of mutualism in academic matters, thus group works were sometimes very difficult to be conducted as the sense of belonging of the class was very low. But after years of fights, problems, and challenges we have faced and solved together, it made our bond stronger and more solid than ever. All those years seemed to just passed in a blink of an eye when we realized that we have finally arrived to the last day of white and grey uniform days.

Fifty-six shades of white-grey days. #HELIX

         The last day of school was quite as usual in the beginning. We still got sleepy in the first lesson as the school started at 6.50 in the morning. But that day, those sleepiness was quite salvageable as students started to mingle in the class. The air was quite gloomy, I could feel we were already missing this moment as everybody seemed to be aware that it would be the last day we got to be together in the high school. Sad, yet people tried to smile and reconciled with each other, asking for forgiveness if there were mistake made purposely or not. We made a small event to write something about our impression to a random classmate. It went well as we all felt more united as we learned how much impressions this class had made in each of our lives. It made me feel so grateful yet sad to finally realized it entirely in the end.

           From there on, I felt that every thing has its own obstacles and time. I realized to see that sometimes in life, problems and obstacles played important parts to improve our abilities and conditions for the better. The second thing I’ve learned is learn how to be grateful and love your surroundings more before it was too late. These moments are unforgettable, filled with love, joy, tears, fears, and so on. Learn to appreciate everything, bad or good, so that life will be much more meaningful and enjoyable.

Thank you for simply existing in my life. I’m forever grateful.


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